Why, what, to whom, what it looks like?

The Greenwich Project [or whatever it will be called] was inspired by the continuous communication with my friends across the world. Timezone difference underscored the importance of a conscious effort to stay in touch. I was left with just few hours during the day through which I could successfully send and receive data with those people. It soon developed into an interest in how being in different locations does not mean that we will loose contact with our loved ones. As a matter of fact, globalization altered the definition of geography and the importance of physical presence. It made geography no longer the frame of reference that we should understand relationships within. Relationships through technology collapse different locations onto one surface translated on a phone, laptop and all other digital platforms.

My project is a representation of the stateless status of a community that is dispersed across the globe. It is a contemporary form of branding of a nation that is not location specific. I will be taking the Lebanese diaspora, mainly my friends who are first generation immigrants of the world, as a group to experiment, discuss and play with to represent the post-geographic era we are witnessing. So far, I think that the end product will be a culmination and collection of several experiments conducted with different groups of people. It will cover visuals [photographs sent from around the world], icons [drawn and developed with my GD friends], literature [exchanged writings and online discussions] as well as theory [Benedict Anderson's imagined communities]. It will not be one, but severals into one.

I hope every person who uses Skype, FaceTime.. to stay in touch with his or her loved ones to relate to the Greenwich Project. I believe it is a contemporary project that targets every single person who relies frequently on technology to maintain his social relationships. Considering my ”test-group”, the project has the Lebanese diaspora as first target audience. The phenomenon of hanging out with people who share the same cultural background and tradition away from the land where he or she learned these values is very intriguing to me and comforting. This project aims at representing comfort to these people when they take part in it, or stand in front of it, in knowing that they’re not the only ones. It is for everyone who upon interaction with TGP realizes that their bodies live in a place but their minds and emotions somewhere else sometimes.

I have been giving a lot of thought to this fear in me that does not want to turn GP into an art piece or installation. I am a graphic designer and intend to make this project a graphic design one. I have been aesthetically inclined to use web interfaces in my print pieces, with the three RGB colors blue fuschia and fluorescent green.

The Greenwich project will look like a collapse between web and print, a marriage between both. It will play with the boundaries of what is personal [print and location specific] and what is shared [web and dispersed] to highlight the contrast.

My experiments will live on the website for everyone to see. In my exhibition I aim at transcending the audience who is physically there to a presence that is outside of the room, which might be called ‘the global room’.