I met with Ellen yesterday, to catch up. I showed her what I have been working on, but mainly asked her for help in how to liberate myself of overwhelming to-do lists.

What I showed her/have so far

I am working on several projects in parallel and I still feel like I’m floating between all of them, not focusing on finalizing any. #frustration

I bought a disposable camera that I want to brand as ‘exposure’ under the umbrella of the Greenwich Project. This will be a travelling camera that will go from here to New York, Pittsburg, Nashville, Rochester, Dallas, San Francisco then back to Baltimore. I thought of asking every Lebanese to take a photo of something that reminded them of home. Lupton’s feedback suggested I target something more location specific as this will result with a more curated film strip.
I had asked ten people around the world to send me a 10s recording of their entourage. I overlapped them to create this party music piece. Then what? I don’t know. I traced the sound waves and they looked great. The feedback I got was to make the piece communicate by itself.
I had designed a book from the conversations on post-geography. I printed the conversations on acetate and overlapped them. The book is bound from two sides, which is cool. She highlighted that it was an art book and that I should graphically communicate the overlap instead of letting the physical object do it by itself.

Breaking down post-geography

We talked at a length about what was missing in my work in progress: personal graphic language. I have been letting the projects themselves as well as material dictate aesthetics through randomness. I decided to stop working on the projects for a bit, since I have a lot of content and ideas, and throw myself into fast formstorming. What is post-geography? How can I graphically communicate it?


The Lebanese in the diaspora juggle between their first-language and what they utter in order to conduct what is their heads. How can I graphically show the juxtapositions of the languages? Maybe slang? So far the languages I can think of: Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Canadian French, Khaleejee Arabic.


How can I create maps of uncontained/unconfined geography? I could start by mapping the different electric outlets. Then the size of Lebanon if it were inproportion to its diaspora vs other countries’ dispersed communities. How would the map of this place I am creating look like?


Why haven’t I used and abused the wolframalpha yet? Why? because my head has been invested in conceptualizing even further my already over conceptualized project. I could develop networks into nice visuals. The dispersed map pin is an icon I am liking still. How can I translate this dispersed chopped language into other location icons?