What is your thesis about / how will you explain it to JCP?

My thesis is about post-geographic communities. I am defining post-geography as being a state of not belonging to a specific location, but to a global community that is not within proximity. It is a representation of diasporas in the age of globalization. It is a contemporary iterative form of branding a community that is not location specific. Or shall I say: the location is cyber? My project suggests new forms of maps that are based on artificial extensions. It is the creation of personal maps according to each of our social networks.
It is the aggregation of several locations into one space. It is a reflection on how the contemporary home is in the middle of the world.
“Your current relationships status’s are post-geographic, not the base of the relationship”
What will it look like? What is it at the core: an exhibition, a book, a website…?
My project is a study of this phenomenon. It is a tool that makes people aware of it, while adding their own personal experiences to make it live. It is a bunch of explorations that I have done, based on my personal Lebanese diasporic network but it is not about Lebanon. It is an international space, that everyone can relate to. It is like an airport, it is an area that does belong anywhere.
People experiencing my space will feel like they are on international soil, they will share something, and their input will reflect in a personalized network that they can take away. Ideally it would be highly technological, transcending the audience to a place beyond the grad studio center’s wall. how? no fucking clue.
So it is a series of tiny things, that will fit nicely together.
makes sense to have one experiment instead of a collection since there’s no culmination
translating an experience
Who is it for?
Post-geography is for every person that uses social media to stay in touch with his loved ones. It is mainly focused on people who live away from home. It is for people who belong to a dispersed community: and that in a way means everyone.
It is for me. I who don’t fully relate nor belong to one place. It is for travelers of the world, wether physically or cyberally. 

What impression should the project give (of you as a designer)?

Ideally the project would reflect on my design skills, right? good typography and layout skills and all that stuff.
however i find myself stuck in refining the idea instead, and whenever i try focusing on the design i find myself stuck in answering fundamental conceptual questions.
with my current esthetics i think the project reflects a tech-design [or maybe wanna be] 
contemporary due to my typeface choices
and international.
Lupton called my project to be brainy, and i would like my ideas to be directly communicated without having the audience read paragraphs. 
it should reflect my ‘generalist’ graphic design skills, good print, good technology, good web component. i want everything to be there, and to be well done. that’s crazy. I’m crazy. aint nobody got time for that.
What isn’t working?
Everything. I just have a bunch of stuff so far. I need to explain every single one of them for them to make sense to people.
It is very personal. Each person will relate to things differently, so how will i communicate? i feel my project is too personal when it should be international.
I don’t have a piece that screams YES. it is not focused. not focused. where is my focus.
it is still very wide. broad. it is several tiny unfinished things. i need one big thing. a culmination.
What’s your project not about?
My project is not about the Lebanese diaspora.
It is not about Facebook.
It is not about flags.
It is not about territories.
It is not about geography.
It is not pessimistic.
What’s next?
So…. what’s coming up? hysteria.
I would like to play with maps, distort the international design we are all familiar with, while keeping it communicative.
I want to research exhibition design, and come up with millions of ideas of dynamic spaces on the use of transparencies.
i want to create a global room. a room that is the middle of the earth.
i want to make a map of the outlets of the world. what is used where.
maps. new maps. contemporary maps. wwm. world wide map.
What will have changed since the last glabbot?
i will go back to the global room and global party project and sketch out ideas on how to blow up their scale in terms of importance as well as presence.
i will look into technologies that will help me do that, as well as exhibition design ideas that will make the photos printed on transparencies dynamic in my space.
i will come up with a way to have my previous experiments live in my space in a subtle way, even though this was not suggested.
i will be more focused, hopefully with the whip of JCP.

Three essay ideas?
1- Why do I think I am post-geographic. I could write a personal autobiographical essay that explains my forced change of homes during my first few years, and the importance that traveling was given in my adolescence, and the idea of inevitable migration. (reasons behind my thesis)
2- Post-Geographic Design, and the nomadic 
should the big brother be an airport (no man’s land) or a cyber world

5 min
What do you think the other person’s thesis is?
What do you think the other person’s thesis looks like?
What are your potential concerns?