Mapping Milan

Destroying traditional cartography

My exhibition is a post-geographic participatory global space that prompts passer by’s to interact and leave personal input. 
The wall will be located in the middle of the earth, it will be international and not belonging to anywhere. 
My project aims at suggesting new forms of cartography: mapping the temporal spaces where networks of relationships live. 
Due to the internet and globalization distance has become irrelevant. We can virtually reach almost any destination and contact anyone in seconds. In our busy lives we now think in time rather than distance. Therefore the current maps, as we know them today, are obsolete.
The goal of the participatory space is to create abstract maps of social networks and immigration.
could i be in search of a particular space where all senses fit
what am i saying:
• maps are no longer how we know them in terms of maintaining relationships
• when the world was one
Bertrand Russell puts it this way: “The first thing to notice is that different senses have different spaces.
The space of sight is quite different from the space of touch; it is only by experience in infancy that we learn to correlate them. The one space into which both kinds of sensations fit is an intellectual construction,
not a  datum.” 
collective intellect